Project Lead: Jess Pauszek 

Assistant professor of English at Boston College in Boston, Massachusetts. Growing up in a predominantly Polish, working-class, community in Dunkirk, New York shaped her interest in writing about labor, deindustrialization, and class. Since 2012, she has been working with FWWCP/FED members to develop the print and digital collections of the Federation of Worker Writers and Community Publishers. The current print collection is housed at the Trades Union Congress Library in London, England, with over 88 boxes of material including publications, minutes, newsletters, annual reports and more from 1976-present. Pauszek has led the work to sort, box, index, create metadata, and develop finding aids or reading guides for these publications. Her work has appeared in Across the Disciplines, College Composition and Communication, Community Literacy Journal, Literacy in Composition Studies, Reflections: A Journal of Community-Engaged Writing and Rhetoric, and as part of the Labor History Today Podcast.

Steve Parks

Associate Professor of English, University of Virginia

Jeff Howarth

Special Collections Librarian, TUC Library Collections at London Metropolitan University

Nick Pollard

FWWCP/FED member and Senior Lecturer, Sheffield-Hallam University. Pollard is responsible for the largest donation of FWWCP materials which began the FWWCP Collection at the Trades Union Congress Library.

Vincent Portillo

Assistant Teaching Professor of English, Boston College. Portillo co-taught the 2018 study abroad class with Pauszek and together with students they produced the first round of FWWCP Reading Guides.

FED Executive Board Members (at the time of the Collection’s creation)

Roy Birch, Past TheFED Chair
Lucia Birch
Dave Chambers
Andrew Diamond
Sally Flood
Louise Glascoe
Roy Holland
Ashley Jordan
John Malcolmson, TheFED Chair
Roger Mills
Maia Tahta
Roger Drury

We would also like to give a special thank you to people who have helped shape these archival efforts in discussions, collecting documents, sorting, or other tasks:

Pol Nugent, Pecket Learning Community
Pat and John Smart
Cilla Ross
Lucy Parker
Dave Chambers
Jenny Harding
Tom Woodin

And for the donation of materials by:

Sally Flood
Roger Mills
Nick Pollard
John Joseph Sheehy
Ken Worpole

Summer 2023 Website Update Project:

Jessica Pauszek, Project Lead
Melanie Hubbard, Designer
Robert McQueen, Engineer

Student Contributors

Hannah Bell, Boston College (Research Assistant)
Hannah Clay, Boston College (Research Assistant)
Noël Ingram, Boston College (Research Assistant)
Emma Janda, Boston College (Research Assistant)
Mike Lyons, Boston College (Research Assistant)
Angela Muir, Boston College (Research Assistant)
Elizabeth Strahorn, Boston College (Research Assistant)

Lucy Hoak, University of Virginia (Research Assistant)
Brian McShane, Texas A&M University - Commerce (Research Assistant)
Rachel (Huddleston) McShane, Texas A&M University - Commerce (Research Assistant)
Emily (Bauer) Illingworth, Texas A&M University - Commerce (Research Assistant)
Victoria Lynne Scholz, Texas A&M University - Commerce (Research Assistant)
Donnie Trotter,  Texas A&M University - Commerce (Research Assistant)


The following students took part in this work through a Study Abroad summer course in London England which was designed by Steve Parks and Jess Pauszek. The course was taught by Jess Pauszek in 2015, Steve Parks and Jess Pauszek in 2016, and Vincent Portillo and Jess Pauszek in 2018.

Summer 2018
Gabriela Isabel Arguindegui, Syracuse University
Hannah Bennett, Cass School of Art 
Ana Karen Gonzalez, University of California Santa Barbara 
Joshua Johnston, Auburn University 
Nancy Lee, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis 
Andria Olson, Syracuse University 
Trenna Soderling, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis 
Michelle Tiburcio, Syracuse University 
Brittney West, Syracuse University

Summer 2016
Course taught by Steve Parks
Isaris Baez, Syracuse University
Ryan Bince, Syracuse University
Tiarah Brown, Syracuse University
Jordan Craig, University of Wisconsin
Chloe Driscoll, Syracuse University
Davida Hawks, Syracuse University
Alexander Maiman, Syracuse University
Daisy Spoer, Syracuse University
Joseph Sutton, Syracuse University

Summer 2015
Destiny Renee Anderson, Syracuse University
Alex Aronson, Syracuse University
Lorissa Cournoyer, Syracuse University
Bodeline Dautruche, Syracuse University
Danielle Ledesma, Syracuse University
Cindy Molina, University of Rochester
Victor Tavarez, Carnegie Mellon University