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The FWWCP Collection includes writing that crosses numerous topics. Class -- specifically working-class identity -- is at the heart of the FWWCP Collection, its mission, and its content. However, class identity within the FWWCP also intersects with many other topics such as gender and race or location. In order to make this collection more accessible to interested audiences, though, Jess Pauszek and Vincent Portillo have developed Reading Guides on the following topics: Activism; Art; Design; Disability; Food; Gender; Jewish Life; LGBTQ+; Literacy; Local London; Mental Health; Migration; Mining; Multi/Translingual Writing; Publishing; Race; War; Work. All of these topical Reading Guides were prompted by FWWCP/FED members. We are in the process of creating additional Reading Guides, as well as adding to these. Therefore, if you have other topics of interest or would like to know further materials, please email pauszek@bc.edu or jesspauszek@gmail.com

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